Checking in

Yo, Jed~

Your detailed sign-in instructions are perfect. They remind me, however, that my kids have often observed that I take “logical sequential” to an anal-retentive extreme. A couple of years ago I tired of the charge and wrote them an eleven-page memo refuting it, including bullet-points, footnotes, and an index.

But back to the point: thanks for raising this homage to my older brother. Who was, co-incidentally, your dad.


One Response to “Checking in”

  1. Jed

    Glad the instructions worked.

    🙂 re the eleven-page memo. Bear in mind that I’m a tech writer; given the opportunity to create a numbered list of instructions, I not only can’t resist, but am required by unbreakable guild rules to do so, on pain of having my license revoked, plus public shaming. (And lemme tell ya, the step-by-step instructions list for having one’s license revoked is a pain to follow.)

    On the magazine’s submission guidelines page, I used to have a long step-by-step procedure for writers to follow to format their stories to submit them to us. One thing I learned is that there are a lot of people who are just plain incapable of following a series of steps. I could ask them to follow the steps one at a time; they would start with step 5, and when that didn’t work they would jump to step 12, and then they would complain that the instructions didn’t work. (To be fair, it was a much too long list of instructions. But some people really didn’t seem to get the concept of completing one step and then doing the next.)


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