Peter’s “neat words” list, part 1

Kam rescued a bunch of files from the hard drive from Peter’s computer. Most of them are either mundane (mostly syllabi for the classes he taught) or not suitable for public display (private letters).

But two of the files are titled “peters neat words” and “peters neat words 2”; they consist entirely of lists of neat words.

The first one is in apparently random order; I suspect he just added words to the end of it over time, as he thought of them.

The second one is the same list, alphabetized (plus one new word); that’s the one I’m posting here. My text editor says there are 441 words total.

I thought about trying to present this in alternative ways—as a bulleted list, for example—but it’s going to be long no matter what, so I’m leaving it formatted the way he had it, with words separated by spaces. And I’m breaking it up into chunks to keep it from being too overwhelming all at once.

Here’s part 1, words starting with A through E:

abashment abecedarian abjection abjure abstemious abysmal aerie akimbo alembic alopecic animadversion anomie arcana arete autodidact bamboozle bellicosity bells-and-whistles berm bezel bloviate blurb bolo bombast bonhomie bonze bosky botchwork bouzouki braggadocio breechclout buncombe burl Bushido cantankerous chillum chimæra clandestine claptrap coda confuter crapulous craunch crepuscular crucifer cruet cudgel curlew daquoit defalcation defenestration demijohn diæresis dingle dirndl dither dog-and-pony-show dubbin dubiety ebullience eddy effluvium effrontery electron-drift ellipsis enervate ennui epistemologist ersatz eructation eschatological escutcheon estivate etiolate exegesis expectorate

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