Peter’s Approval

I believe that Peter approved of new technologies and new uses of technologies and would very much like the ease of use of this interface, which is fairly intuitive for beginners and a great tool with a bit of experience. [Poke around, find the bugs!. -Peter] [Click on “Extended Entry” hyperlink below for more… – […]

Patience with tantrums

Peter told me (at some point in the past ten years or so) that when Jay and I were kids, he used to take us to the store sometimes when he went shopping. And he said that if one of us started throwing a tantrum inside a store, he would just take us outside, sit […]

No Gremlins

Most of the time, Peter didn’t restrict our reading or viewing. (Other than the fact that we didn’t own a TV from the time I was small ’til mid-high school–but we were allowed to watch TV at friends’ houses.) We had the full run of his bookshelves; I was reading his old science fiction as […]

Book clubs

Peter would sign up for book clubs, but never paid any attention to their flyers or catalogs. When the month’s automatic selection arrived in the mail, he would carefully open the invoice attached to the outside to see what the book was, and if it wasn’t one he wanted, he would re-seal the invoice and […]

Finding bugs

Peter worked in QA (Quality Assurance–finding bugs in software) for a while in the mid- to late-’80s. He always said that he had a talent for finding bugs. I think it was while he was working for Mead, testing LexisNexis, that he told us about one of his bug-finding techniques: lift both hands in the […]


Various of my friends have had babies in the past few years, which has given me plenty of opportunities to remember something Peter used to say when we were kids: “Milk is the perfect food–for a baby cow.”


One night when I was a kid, I couldn’t get to sleep. I had a songbook of folksongs, one of which was “Jesse James.” There’s a line in that song that goes “The devil will be upon his knee.” And I don’t know what got into me, but that line kept running through my head. […]

How should I begin?

This is a blog about my father. Peter Hartman was killed in March, 2005. For a couple of years now, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog where I and other family members could post little tidbits–memories, anecdotes, jokes Peter told us, observations he made. A lot of my memories of Peter are good ones, […]