Peter’s 21st birthday

On a more entertaining note than my last entry:

When Peter was 20, he was a regular at a local bar–presumably he had a fake ID, or else he looked old enough that the bartender didn’t check.

On his 21st birthday, he went to the bar and told the bartender, “Buy me a drink–it’s my birthday!”

The bartender said, “Congratulations! How old are you!”

Peter said, “21!”

I don’t remember if there was more to that story. (Somehow a bunch of these stories I’ve been writing up turn out not to quite have punchlines when I finish writing them up.) I think the bartender winced, but bought him a drink anyway.

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  1. Dobe

    It might be reasonable to think that he was in Seattle by then, but I’m not so sure of Peter’s early-20s timeline. (That would be a project for this site…)

    One hangout that he always told me about (from early 60’s) was a tavern just off the 45th freeway exit a half block toward U Way. It was, and, as far as I know, still is, known as The Blue Moon. It’s a landmark.

    BTW, I was living at the GO Dojo in Seattle, in about 1986, only a block from The Blue Moon.


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